Criminal Appeals

The fight is not over just because you've been convicted. After trial every defendant in Pennsylvania is entitled to an appeal to an intermediate appellate court. Josh has litigated in both the Superior Court and the Commonwealth Court, the two Pennsylvania intermediate courts. 

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ChildLine Appeals

If CYS lists you as an indicated perpetrator of abuse you have a right to appeal this indicated status. When CYS lists you as "indicated" you have the right to file what is called an expunction request to clear your record from ChildLine, the database for child abuse in Pennsylvania.

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License Suspension Appeals and Ignition Interlock Petitions

If your license is suspended for a DUI or certain traffic offenses, you can stay the suspension while you appeal it. And if you are convicted of certain DUI offenses you may be eligible to avoid the suspension by petitioning PennDoT for an ignition interlock. Josh can help with fighting your suspension or, if it is appropriate, helping you get an ignition interlock to keep your license.

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