ChildLine Appeals

What does it mean to be an indicated perpetrator?

In Pennsylvania the Department of Human Services has a database that tracks anyone indicated as a perpetrator of abuse, either by omission or comission. To be put in the database you do not need to be convicted of a crime. A local CYS/CYF agency receives a report and if their caseworker determines after an investigation that there is sufficient evidence to believe you committed child abuse, they list you as an "indicated perpetrator."

In the future, if you try to volunteer at a school or get a job working with children, this indicated status will come up in a ChildLine background clearance check. It can prevent you from coaching your kids' sports teams, going on field trips, etc.

What is a PA expunction request?

If CYS lists you in the database as an indicated perpetrator of abuse, you can request that the Department of Human Services remove you from the ChildLine registry. That request is called an expunction request. It is a multi-step process. First you have to get DHS to review CYS' report and placement of you on the list. If DHS concludes there is no issue, there is a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. CYS then has the burden of proving that you committed child abuse.

Do I need a lawyer to get off the childine registry?

Dealing with CYS and DHS in PA is tough to do on your own. And going to court against CYS is even more intensive. Getting yourself off the ChildLine abuse registry is difficult. The process is rule-intensive.

That is why you need an attorney with a proven record of success in these appeals. Josh has represented people in hearings as well as appeals from administrative law decisions when necessary.

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